About Us

Physique Exercise Salon strives to guide their clients in leading a healthier lifestyle by offering group Pilates reformer, TRX & Barre classes. Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention. The expert instructors are able to modify every class to fit the needs and fitness levels of the participants.

Physique Exercise Salon’s founder is Madalynn Crouch. She is certified in Pilates mat and apparatus as well as Barre. She has always had a passion for staying fit and finding ways to incorporate exercise into everyday movements. She has been a loyal practioner of pilates for over 10 years. Having played sports and trying other  workouts throughout her life, nothing has toned her body like Pilates, TRX & Barre.

Madalynn is a firm believer in the methods and wants to share the movement with the world. Since she has started teaching others, her passion for continuing to spread the practice has grown. Madalynn strives to influence the community by finding ways to get more people involved in practicing pilates.

She found the Barre exercise classes while in college and loved that it was a blend of Pilates and dance, which she also loved. She thinks that the blend of Pilates and Barre will, indeed, get you the physique of your dreams!